About Us

Lobster Lending Limited is based in Cornwall but lends funds all over England and Wales

We are a non-status lender

This means that we lend purely on the value of the property involved. Our loans are commercial loans for business purposes and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or any other body. Funds must be used for business purposes and the documentation contains a declaration to this effect.

We can lend up to 65% of the 90 day value of a property

The value will be determined by Chartered Surveyors appointed and instructed by us (but paid for by the borrower)


we are happy to consider agreeing loans for fixed periods, our loans are generally open ended. This means that the borrower can repay the loan whenever he or she wants to but as long as he or she keeps paying the monthly interest, the loan can remain in place for as long as the borrower wants.

The Directors of the Company are

Dugald Sproull and Daniel Sproull.

Both have been active in the non-status commercial lending market for decades.

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