Who we are

Lobster Lending Limited is based in Cornwall but lends funds all over England and Wales. We are a non-status lender. This means that we lend purely on the value of the property involved. Our loans are commercial loans for business purposes and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or any other body.

What we offer

Lobster Lending loans are made over no fixed term. This means there is no deadline for repayment. Many people who are not able to borrow money from a traditional high street lender end up taking out a bridging loan. We may be able to offer a better alternative.

How we work

You can contact us by phone or email to make an initial enquiry or make an application online. We will tell you swiftly whether we can help you.

Do not get caught on the bridging hook. If you are thinking of taking out a bridging loan, talk to us first.